10 Reasons Why Overwatch Is Not as Great as Everyone Thinks

Blizzard Isn't Doing Much About Its Toxic Community

Every game has its fair share of disrespectful and rude players. Just take a look at games like Call of Duty, where underage children scream profanities into their mics when they die and people troll one another for amusement. But the reason why Overwatch is different is because it's the adults that scream profanities, racial slurs, and even threaten each other with violence. Who in their right mind would play with people like that -- seriously?! If you think it's that bad in public matches, just imagine how players will act and behave in competitive games!  

The unfortunate thing is that people will get angry at you over the dumbest things like: 

  • Not selecting a hero of their choice.
  • Not playing the objective their way.
  • Offering some sort of suggestion when they have it "all figured out without your help."

The toxicity even spreads all the way to the Battle.net forums, where people will down-vote and thumb-down your comment if you don't agree with them, even if you show the slightest behavior of being anti-Overwatch, and many more childish reasons.

Blizzard has introduced a report system, where players can report rude and aggressive teammates. But as it turned out, the report system only made things worse. The only way that I see of professionally and calmly dealing with people like that is to either mute them if possible or play with friends.

However, a more professional and direct approach would be to introduce a punishment and reward system. If you are a good, honorable player who does not behave like a total jerk, you will be rewarded for proper conduct. Whether it'll be a loot box that will guarantee an extremely rare item or a hefty double XP boost that will last for a few hours, the game will realize that you're "the good guy."

But if you are the complete opposite of that, the game might send you messages, asking you politely to knock it off. If you choose to persist and continue to behave like a total jerk, the game might begin to punish you by giving you time outs, temporarily suspending your chat privileges (so others won't have to get insulted by you for silly reasons), XP penalties, etc.

Such a system can be seen as a win-win for all players. Normal players won't have to put up with disrespectful punks, while those with good manners will be rewarded. Perhaps such a system will even encourage the toxic players to start behaving, that is of course, if they wish to get the benefits that proper players are getting.

(Video Credit: MIOSKII)

Published Jul. 5th 2017

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