AMCs The Walking Dead for IOS users only

Norman Reedus says there's us and there's them. Can you survive the Walking Dead mobile game?

AMC and Next Games have partnered together to give you the new Walking Dead game. They have created The Walking Dead: No Man's Land video game for IOS users. With its sneak peak released today August 11th, 2015, the game is expected to be ready by October 2015. Just in time for the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead

Checking out the trailer, the musky voice of Norman Reedus rings out as previews of zombies lurking about are shown. You have the chance to survive in a post apocalyptic world, with the help of Daryl of course. This mobile game will be able guide you through the different locations featured in the TV series as you try survive.

You will be able to come up with your own strategy and figure out where to go in order to keep your group alive as well as venture out and look for members to higher your chances. Just like the TV series, you will be able to go to Terminus and the Prison, and as you continue your journey, you will be able to visit other locations based off the famous TV series. Darly will be there to help train you so you can bet his cross-bow skills will be coming in handy when you come into contact with some walkers. Be on the lookout for more updates via Next Games and AMC.



Published Aug. 11th 2015

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