Paladins Console Open Beta Impressions -- More Addicting and Complex than Overwatch

Champions over Heroes and fantasy over science fiction -- check out why Paladins offers more elements than Overwatch has offered!

After being on Steam for almost a year, Paladins comes to Xbox One and PS4 as an open beta for consoles players to play. The game introduces a fantastical world, where champions roam over the realm and battle against each other.

Without being fully aware of the game, I walked into Paladins with newcomer perspective about its characters, maps, and gameplay. And after a couple of practices and few online battles, I could only say that this game was nothing that I expected -- more than what Overwatch has offered.

Same Controls But Long, Intense Matches

When first walking into the game, Overwatch fans, like myself, may notice some similarities in the gameplay. The controls are pretty similar to any typical first person shooter, where players use L2/LT to shoot, L1 and R1/ LB and RB to activate specific abilities, and Y/triangle to activate your ultimate. And like Overwatch, each champion have their own set of abilities and specialized weapons as either support, flank, damage, and front lines, and with those characters, players battle in different settings, such as Payload, Siege,  and Survival.

However, matches feel much longer and intense than a typical Overwatch match, especially in Siege mode. In Siege mode, each team have to earn four points to win, and to earn two points, players need to capture a point and escort the payload to the opposing the team’s side. So even if your team fails to capture a point, your team can still win earn a point by defending it.

This point system creates a build-up tension against the opposing team while trying to win a match. Players would get hyped up trying to stop their opposing team by bring out their best gameplay into a match. At the end of the match, the player feels motivated to try again whether they win or lose.

Power up! -- Cards and Boosts

Unlike Overwatch, Paladins offers much more than just achieving objectives and shoot at enemies. Before each match, players can select cards, which acts as a power up to a specific character. These characters can be an increase in ammo or your character's health. Players can even custom their set of cards and unlock new cards through loot boxes.

On top of that, players can even earn money to purchase boosts items that help boost to their gameplay. There are four types of items to select upon, and once its purchase, players cannot go back or sell a the purchase. However, players can use their money to upgrade their item to help them through it. It was difficult for me to earn money, but after a couple of tries, it became a lot easier.

This boosts system add more to the game than just customizing a character’s skin. It gives players an opportunity to customize their gameplay and use those boosts to give themselves a longer killer streak during each match. It also adds more complexity into the game than just point and shoot.

Overall -- Better Than Expected

Paladins may be considered to be a “rip-off” towards Overwatch with its close similarity towards the gameplay and design, but this fantasy-like game gives off elements in which Overwatch lacks. The boosts and upgrades does add more complexity towards the game, and the point system within Siege mode creates this build up to that head-to-head moment between teams.

The game is free to download on PS4 and Xbox One for players to enter into this fantasy world and become a champion into the game. Players can also play Paladins on Steam if you so wish.

Which game do you prefer? Overwatch or Paladins? Let us know in the comments down below!


Hello! I love both games and writing, and one day, I hope to write a story that would develop to becoming a video game.

Published May. 10th 2017

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