Nintendo Merchandise Gift Guide: 16 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Nintendo Fan

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Dragon Quest XI Luminary's Crest Slim Fit T-Shirt

Rating: 90% 5 stars (150 total ratings)
Price: $18.81
Buy it from: Redbubble

Like Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest still hasn't quite reached a level of popularity in the West that generates a wealth of merchandise. But the Luminary, the hero of Dragon Quest XI, is probably a bit more well known now thanks to his debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Whether your intended recipient has played DQXI or just knows the Luminary as that quirky character with the random moveset from Smash, the Luminary's Crest T-shirt from Redbubble is a great way to show off some of that Dragon Quest fan love. The design itself is central to the game, plus it's understated enough to be something you could wear anywhere, unlike some of the character-centric shirts that tend to be just a tad too loud for normal wear.

Published Nov. 13th 2019

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