The Top 20 Minecraft 1.12 Seeds for July 2017

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Seed: -714640539528351

Coordinates: -15 69 245
Biomes: Ocean, Plains, Extreme Hills

You will spawn on one of two survival islands that share two different types of biomes. The plains island has no tress whatsoever, while the hills island has only one, which already makes your survival game tough to beat.

There is an access to an underground mineshaft from one of the islands, and at coordinates 175 36 175, you will find a chest with:

  • 4 lapis lazuli
  • Enchanted Book -- Luck of the Sea III


Have you been able to find the best Minecraft 1.12 seed for your survival game? Which one do you like the most? Share your choice in the comments below.

Published Jun. 28th 2017

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