One Determined Gamer is Already Maxed Out in Titanfall

Woah... somebody worked FAST to reach the top in Titanfall!

So, how far are you in Titanfall?

Not as far as this guy (if he's telling the truth). It seems Reddit user DownTuClown has already hit the maximum level in Respawn Entertainment's well-received new shooter. If you'd forgotten, the game just hit store shelves last Tuesday.

DownTuClown says it took 3 days, 9 hours and 5 minutes of playing to reach Generation 10 in the game, which is similar to the maximum Prestige level in Call of Duty. Once you advance to the next Generation, all your levels and unlocks disappear but the next time around, they will gain experience at a faster clip. Here's what the dedicated gamer had to say about the experience:

"Most of the people I played with were individuals I met in random games. A couple of others are long time friends. There were less than a handful of times we communicated 'seriously'. Those were mostly CTF games against people with clan tags we got matched up against. And some random times where we just wondered what it'd feel like to try and coordinate seriously. It was mostly just a group of guys talking about random stuff like latest episodes of The Walking Dead. So it was mostly individual skill I'd say."

He added that his kill stats "aren't bad" but they're probably not a good reflection of his skill. That's because he had to "go out of his way" to complete certain challenges, which had a negative impact on his stats. He was just playing to push forward as quickly as possible, obviously.

Unfortunately, there are no in-game leaderboards to corroborate this testimony but if it's true, it's pretty darn impressive.

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Published Mar. 17th 2014
  • Si_W
    That's just sad.

    And he only has to press F10 to take a screenshot.
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    Was he on PC or Xbox One? That'd make a difference in ability for a screenshot.

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