EvilQuest Available on Steam

EvilQuest is a new RPG Indie game available on Steam. Time to feel like the bad-guy being thwarted by the heroes.

Available as of today is a new game on Steam called EvilQuest. The game is just as it sounds, evil on a quest. Instead of being the good guy, you get to walk in the villains' shoes and feel like Ganondorf or Bowser for the first time.

About the Game

In this exciting retro RPG game, you get to set out on a quest for destruction and conquering the world with evil. While facing many 'heroic' foes along the way, you're going to mow them down with ancient relics and weapons that you find within the game. In this game, evil's name is Galvis, and you'll be controlling him as he terrorizes the citizens who are unfortunately living in towns nearby.

Features of the Game

EvilQuest has many levels that will give the player some terrain variety with nostalgic graphics to bring an old-timey feel. Aside from the different levels, there will be 10 different boss fights to test your strength and endurance.

If you feel like taking on this evil challenge, the game is available on Steam for $1.99.

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Published Feb. 20th 2014

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