INS4NITY W00F on - oh dear, is gaming getting... UN-EE-MAG-EE-NAH-TEEF?

Games about movies about books are awful.

Oh dear Lord, by the looks of things there’s a new Iron Man 3 movie coming out, and I would be willing to bet my salt that some game developer (troll warning) will wake up and say: “Hurr Hurr, we needz gamez on dee’s.” Notice the use of Lolcat in this with emphasis on the general mind-set; Of course perhaps my views are opinionated--perhaps even offensive. But they remain views, and just that.

And remember, I Hate CATS.

So allow me to elaborate further.

One day a man wakes up after hearing about this Iron Man movie coming out soon. Now this game developer with a cheerio smirk ponders: “Kids like Iron Man. Let’s make a game.”  Then what happens? A game comes out around the same time as the film, and utterly defaces it, with bad quality gameplay, barely follows the plot, and blamo! Digital blasphemy.

Now remember. I Hate Kids.

But here’s the question. More than often books are turned into films, and then degenerated and compacted in that process as many a film can’t hold an entire book. That’s then butchered further into a game as developers are trying to make things people enjoy, ergo, more action and flashy-ness.

So, does this imply that to some extent books are chewed up to fit into films and films are then pushed into games? Thus implying the finished product, aka the game, is made from the film, from the book, and very likely as a result so different from the writing it’s unbelievable?

Here’s an example.  Harry potter games, from Harry potter films, from Harry Potter books.

I played Harry Potter 1 for the PlayStation as a child. Did I enjoy it? No. No I did not. This is speaking from an old Harry Potter Fan.  Quite frankly J.K Rowling should have head-butted that Development Team and pushed them through a plate glass window for creating such an abominate piece of junk. Blasphemy of a work of art. Although given the fact that gaming developers consider their pieces as works of art, and art being perceptive is nonfactual to an extent. As it's not solidly interpreted. It’s down to imagination, yada yada. Thus what I say holds very little validation, given that art is about how you perceive it...

How do I perceive these kind of games? Abominable. Developers, get some imagination, get some material for your own games. Don’t, for the love of all that is smeefy, even ponder the idea of ripping off a film, about a book. Because you end up with a piece of half-baked ...


Published Apr. 26th 2013
  • Yogell
    Featured Contributor
    I agree with you that games from films are pretty bad...ok fricking horrible. Games hastily made to release the same date as a different medium are set up for failure.

    That being said we must understand that films, books, and games are different mediums and can not necessarily be lumped together. Each is a different way of telling a story.
  • Jamie K
    Featured Contributor
    Ha! Love your article...and the way you wrote it! So funny. Sadly, I doubt they will ever stop doing this seeing as their goal is to make money, and if they can find an easy way to do this they will. Most likely, too, there will always be a ton of people who will buy it just because the movie just came out as well.

    I can't say I'm innocent of doing just that, myself. I bought Eragon for that reason. I also had the Harry Potter games, as well. >.<
  • Kazz in space
    Featured Contributor
    It was weird to read this post with an Ironman game advert sitting at the top of it :s
    Oh definitely, But mainly its to use something coming out now to relate to regarding the article =)
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    I was pretty much in complete agreement after I read your Skinny. I mean, when have we ever said "the book was great! Just like the game and the movie"?
  • Captain Rob
    Well put! Games from movies do tend to be lacking!

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