5 Emotional Games That Will Hit You Right in the Feels

To the Moon (2011)

Developed by: Freebird Games

You do not need complex graphics and detailed animations to create an emotional experience. This game is an example of this.

This 2D game became famous on YouTube for making YouTubers cry, as it tells the story of two scientists whose job is to visit people who are in their final days of life and grant them their final wish.

The method, however, is unorthodox. They use a machine to enter the minds of their clients, in order to modify their memories, so they die believing their wish has been granted.

In To The Moon, the two scientists visit a new client. An old man whose dream is to go to the moon. To accomplish this, they travel through the memories of this old man, to know what to modify, in order to make him believe he went to the moon before dying.

Published Feb. 3rd 2017

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