Black Ops 3 official Zombies Mode guide

The cooperative game mode, Zombies, in Black Ops 3 is intense. So, here is a guide to help you be the best player possible.

The recent release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was made more interesting by the inclusion of the cooperative zombies game mode, which features a cast of new characters, new weapons, new maps, and a new storyline to explore. Many gamers don't enjoy playing competitively against others, so co-op is the one refuge they have when trying to enjoy their new first-person shooter.

To ensure you are the best player possible, we have painstakingly put together a guide specifically for the Zombies game mode. So, without further ado, here we go:


  • Nero (Jeff Goldblum)
  • Jessica (Heather Graham)
  • Vincent (Neal McDonough)
  • Floyd Campbell (Ron Perlman)

The four new characters within the cooperative game mode reside within the fictional city of Morg City. Each of them has a troubled past lying behind them, with "a long and sordid history of past misdeeds." Each one awakes in the city now overrun by zombies, and are guided by the Shadow Man to their escape.


When playing zombies, try to never ignore the repair jobs. A simple repair on a barricade can offer 10 extra points per board you insert. This will also temporarily block off an access point for the undead, allowing you to funnel them in a direction of your choosing.


In Black Ops 3, the inclusion of buildable fortresses has been added into the game. You can cover your teammates using a zombie shield, which stops the undead from coming in behind you. The head chopper is also quite interesting, as it will take off the heads of nearby zombies, effectively quelling the hordes encroaching upon you.


Headshots are, obviously, your best friend in any shooter, as it means an instakill, for the most part.

When it comes to Zombies, though, a headshot doesn't necessarily mean an instant kill for you, but it will offer more damage against your intended target. Headshotting a slow-moving zombie is easier done than against a human opponent.

Buy Perks:

Black Ops 3 featured a wide assortment of perks for the player to purchase. Perks boost your stats in exchange for points (with the typical perk being priced between 500 to 2500 points). The player is allowed a maximum of four perks at any given time, though some maps have more perks available to use, including the Wonderfizz machine. Speed Cola, Juggernog, Quick Revive, and Stanim-up are the most popular as of right now.

Utilize the Train:

Learning how to ride the train is one of the first things a player should accomplish within the game. Zombies in Black Ops 3 can be "trained," meaning you can funnel them into a kill zone with the other players. Training, for those who don't know, means you lead a group of zombies in a single-file line around the map until you can pick them off effectively.

Using Equipment:

Knowing when to use equipment is a major difference between a rookie player and an experienced zombies player. For example:

  • Claymores: Upon reaching round 27, claymores will no longer kill in a single hit. They do continue to damage an entire horde quite well, though.
  • Semtex Grenades: A perfectly aimed semtex grenade can take out an entire horde of enemies with ease. It also saves a lot of ammo for the player.
  • Monkeys: Monkeys are great distractions for when you are feeling overwhelmed by the undead. Knowing when to use one appropriately can mean life or death in an instant.

Fumigator Located!:

The Fumigator is a new item within Black Ops 3's Zombies mode. The item can spawn different items when you use it correctly. Upon immediately spawning into Shadows of Evil, turn 180 degrees towards the gated alleyway. Here the Fumigator will be on the brick wall. Use the item to harvest pods throughout the game's map.

Each pod harvested will contain a power-up. Some, albeit extremely rarely, will give you weapons. Pods change colors as you progress, which means you're going to receive better items from harvesting them.

Locating the Summoning Key:

Finding the Summoning Key is the only way to progress through Shadows of Evil. To find said key, you need to enter into Beast Mode when the game begins. You can enter Beast Mode by utilizing the fountain with purple flames nearby.

Look for a truck within the spawn room. In the back of the truck, a box will have been spawned. Change back into human form, then collect the new item within the box - the Summoning Key.

Summon the Civil Protector and Beat CoP:

In order to obtain the "Beat CoP" achievement/trophy in Black Ops 3, you need to summon the Civil Protector in each of the four districts. You can do this without a single other player in the game, thankfully.

  • Locate 3 fuses and activate the fuse box within a district. The fuses are found within the Canal, Waterfront, and Footlight Districts. They glow blue.
  • Head through the portal in the Canal District after retrieving all three fuses to light the fuse box. You can then summon the Civil Protector here.
  • The process needs to be repeated for all four districts.
  • Each one costs about 2000 points, though. It takes about 2 to 3 rounds in between each summon, though, so time it carefully.

Congratulations, upon summing the Civil Protector in each district, you will have completed the first entry in the new Zombies game mode.

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