FFXIV: A Realm Awoken Trailer Is Live

A Realm Awoken Trailer released on the FFXIV home page. We Get a glimpse at the Siren fight!

Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV team released a new trailer for patch 2.1. Many secrets are revealed in this trailer. The secret I find most exciting is the return of Siren. We see Siren once in the story line, prior to the Garuda Normal mode battle. The appearance of Siren in the story was a huge let down, since we didn't get to fight her directly. This time around, we'll get to take her on in Pharos Sirius.

Not only did we finally get to see the boss of Pharos Sirius, we also got to see a bit of the Crystal Tower battles. The only enemy I directly recognized was Atomos. The three split paths room showed the Cavernous Maw version of Atomos from FFXI. I suspect it will be a 'kill before time runs out' battle, but we'll have to wait and see. We do see a few other bosses though, so don't fret that it's the only one I mentioned.

Finally we'll be able to take on Siren!

Beast tribe dailies seem to have a Tera feel to them, from what the video shows. Meaningless busy work for something to do. We have the return of Hildebrand, more Main Scenario Quests, Treasure Hunts, and PvP showcased in the video as well.

This patch looks like the spark I needed to get back into FFXIV.

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Published Dec. 6th 2013

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