You're In A GTA V Public Lobby? Don't Go To The Strip Club

Realize when you're in a public area before doing something you may regret!

Check out the video above to see a hilarious video of a guy who was a GTA V public lobby and didn't realize that others in the lobby could hear him. He wandered into a strip club and chatted with the stripper as he received a lap dance. According to the description on the video this went on for roughly 15 minutes.

We all do silly things. The majority of silly things we do happen when we're alone. From singing in the shower (Go here to see the best song to belt out while bathing) to vengefully sneezing on my cat because she sneezes on me all the time (oddly specific...). What's embarrassing is when these moments are caught by a family or friend and shown to others. Nothing is worse than public humiliation. Ironically, nothing is funnier than public humiliation.

Remember that people can hear you in public lobbies. That includes when your mic is unplugged but Kinect is still on. No judging the guy in the video. We all do silly things. But if you don't want others knowing you do silly things then stay far away from anything labeled "Public".

***You won't go to college or nothin' girl***


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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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