WoW 5.4: Proving Grounds Test Players Skills in PvE

In World of Warcraft patch 5.4, Proving Grounds aim to help players get better at the role

With a population as big as World of Warcraft's, it's only expected for there to be a big difference in skill among the player base. Some players are the first to complete heroic raids while others can barely get through scenarios without wiping over and over. For the former to show off and the latter to learn their role, Blizzard is introducing Proving Grounds in patch 5.4.

Proving Grounds will let players go through trials that test them as either tanks, healers, or damage dealers.This is the perfect way for someone who does not feel comfortable healing or tanking in a dungeon or LFR to test their skills without the risk of embarrassment.

This is also great for players who are either new to the game or who have never done group activities to learn how to do DPS.

According to WoW Joystiq, these are how the different roles will be tested:

  • Tanks are going to have a healer and damage dealer in their group that will help them accomplish their goal of protecting an NPC.
  • Healers will have to keep four separate NPCs alive. These four will combine with the healer to make a full party.
  • DPS will be playing without helper NPCs. They will have to kill their enemies while avoiding different mechanical obstacles. Here's a tip: Don't stand in the fire.

There will be different difficulty levels for the Proving Grounds in WoW 5.4. There will be Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless.

As you go up in difficulty, the enemies will change. There will be more variation and, of course, the enemies will be much more difficult to deal with.

There will be a score aspect of this feature meaning you can get competitive with your guild mates about who can DPS the highest in WoW without having a guild leader screaming at you.

Header image courtesy of MMO-Champion.

Published Aug. 16th 2013

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