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Pokemon Uranium

By now, I'm sure everybody has heard of this game. If you haven't, Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made Pokemon game for PC using the same engine that the GameBoy Advance versions of the original games. Sadly, you can't get ahold of it anymore as Nintendo shut down the game and all official download links. But, if you were lucky enough to get ahold of the game before it was shut down, you'd know that this may be one of the best Pokemon titles you've ever played.

I think the biggest place where Pokemon Uranium succeeds is the fact that it feels like a real Pokemon game. Everything about it feels familiar to the Pokemon series. The battle system remains the same, the exploration that we know and love from the original series is still here, everything that we know and love from that original series can be found in this game while adding some new features to make it feel fresh.

Some of these new additions are new Pokemon types (such as the nuclear type) and blending of types for some completely new Pokemon that the developers created specifically for the game (such as a water/electric type). There are some of the Pokemon that we have already seen in previous iterations of the game but, these new Pokemon are fun to play with and feel like they belong in the world of Pokemon.

While playing the game, I could feel the love of the original series that was poured into the game. This project was truly something special and it's sad that more people won't get to enjoy it.

Published Nov. 13th 2016

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