Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Gamer Girl

Stop panicking over your gamer girl's Valentine's Day gift. We got you covered. Just don't forget to snag the flowers on the way home.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. If you're still struggling to find the perfect V-Day gift for your gamer girl, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Matching/Paired Jewelry 

If a shared love for gaming is one of the things that brought you together, you can't go wrong with a his and her jewelry set. Sweet and sentimental, it's a way to carry a bit of each other with you when you're AFK. 

Five Nights at Freddy Fazbear Pizza Kit 

Chicks dig men that can cook. But if cooking isn't your thing, fret not. If your gal enjoys the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, then this gift is sure to win her over. Bring Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to your house with this pizza kit. It includes an apron, a pizza cutter, a pizza pan, and a pizza box to add that final horrifying touch to your Valentine's Day meal. 

Assassin's Creed Wooden Dish

Perfect for keys, jewelry, rings, or change, this hand-carved tray is made from Macedonian Black Walnut. Whether she sets it on her desk, her vanity or in the foyer, this stylish catch-all is a great addition to any household. 

Video Game Silkscreen Scarf 

Whether it's summer or winter, scarves are the perfect accessory for any outfit. Allow your lady to rep her love of gaming with a pashmina scarf covered in video game controllers. Not only do you have a retro-trip of controllers across the ages, there are multiple color combinations available, too. It's a gift she's guaranteed to love. 

Star Wars Clothing and Accessories

Skirts and purses are boring. Star Wars themed skirts and purses are stellar. (Pun intended.) Whether she thinks Princess Leia is the bomb or she's a Captain Phasma die-hard, give your gamer girl a Star Wars outfit guaranteed to draw compliments. 

Gamer Gift Basket

If you still can't figure out what to get her, you can't go wrong with a gamer gift basket. Add a game she's had her eye on, a Steam card, some treats to munch on, and some smaller gaming-based accessories.  Here are a few items to get you started. 

A few of these items will definitely woo your gamer lady. If you found some other great gamer girl Valentine's Day gifts, let us know in the comments! Happy Valentine's Day!

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Published Feb. 7th 2017

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