Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Infinite Money Cheat [Patched]

Running low on cash? Try this Infinite Money cheat for Assassin's Creed 4 so that you can be rolling in Templar pick pocketed cash.

It appears that this cheat no longer works, unless you're working on an unpatched Xbox 360. There are ways around this patching, but honestly, I would suggest going through and patching the game, and unfortunately, losing this cheat. 

Money is important in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. You're a pirate. This cheat will, unless they "fix" it, allow you to collect infinite money in-game. 

This isn't the kind of cheat where you press a button and gain infinite money immediately. You have to do a little work. 

There is a point in the game (Sequence 2: Memory 3) where your character interacts with three Templar knights. These knights are standing around a table discussing nefariously their intentions with the Observatory. While they are standing there, there is an optional objective that you can complete involving pick pocketing all three Templars. 

To activate this cheat, pick pocket all three Templars. This is done by pressing the "B" button while standing next to the three men. 

After you pickpocket the Templars, simply reload the memory from the last checkpoint. Your money is persistent, meaning even though you go back in time, you can continue to collect money. As far as I can tell, you can do this as many times as you want (or as long as you can stomach the opening dialogue of the scene by the Templar Grandmaster.) 

I only did the scene a few times, but managed to make a little over 20000R. So about enough to buy one upgrade on the Jackdaw or a new pair of pistols for Edward. Still not bad, and I'd definitely suggest trying it out if you're strapped for cash. 

If you've passed this point in the game, no fear! You can just use the animus to go back to Sequence 2: Memory 3 to retrieve all of the money you'll ever need. 

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Published Nov. 3rd 2013
  • Adp9999
    Idk why I always keep all my games updated and on wifi and it worked no clear cache or anything I didn't know there was a patch well it's not on my Xbox 360 any ideas?
  • Gavin Harbour
    It isn't patched on my xbox 1 version
  • Brian Uceta
    1. I tried this glitch and the way to save your money is to quit to the main menu after your done collecting.

    2. After I did this glitch, I lost both straps of guns to my chest, which angered me.
  • matt_6622
    Has the patch stopped it from working if you attempt the glitch on your first play through?
  • Adp9999
    on my Xbox 360 it works I always keep my games updated and everything I always use wifi and I didn't use clear cache any idea why
  • FELLOW_7047
    can u delete this cheat glitch? it's wasting people's time since it's fixed, or at least EDIT IT
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I'm sorry you feel misled. The title mentions that the glitch has been patched, as does the first paragraph. Some people have unpatched versions, and I've been told that it functions on the PC, but I have the 360 version so I cannot verify that.
  • Lenard_8928
    hi, I just started playing AC4 and I am now on sequence 2 memory 6. How can I reload to the seq. 2 memory 3 to do this cheat? I tried to press start to pause then go to progress tracker, I found the seq 2 memory 3 and don't know what to press to to that. Thanks in Advance.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    It appears that this specific cheat has been patched out. Do you still want a walk through of how to restart a memory?
  • Tessa-H
    I've done the Cheat and the patch has been put on, is there a way to remove the patch from the PS3 if it's been placed on? (I had the game before the patch so I was curious). Also, if I can't remove the patch, is there another cheat on the game I could use to get more money?
  • user_name1234
    You know that if they fix the bug on PC, you can still use Cheat engine and such? I mean it's easier and it's not a bug that can be fixed by Ubisoft... Except if you're on a console then you're totally screwed in this kind of situation...
  • Dom_6850
    It works on the pc...
  • red78phoenix
    it still works as long as you do it as you hit that point in story and do not pass this point. Which means if you are past this spot you will have to start over. Just done it a few min ago. will take awhile I recommend getting 500,000 and then money will not be a problem. But will still have to get materials for upgrades.
  • Wcked_9783
    Could it be that this bug got fixed? It is not working for me... I mean the money resets after reloading the checkpoint :<

    Ed1: I did it once, but made a mistake and lost all the money i gained
    Since then it's not working anymore, weird
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    It looks like they've fixed this bug.
  • Jan-Hendrik
    what do you do once you have the money you want because i underwent this process about 20ish times only to be extremely disappointed to find when i exited the memory that none of the money i gained was there. what i want to know is there another way of exiting the memory other then going in to the start menu hitting quit then selecting quit memory?
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Hmm, all I remember doing was going to the game menu and pressing "B" to exit that memory. I'll try it today.

    2 things, are you playing on an Xbox -- that's where I've been using this cheat, and also they may have "fixed" it so you can no longer do it. I'll try and check today.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Yep, it's been patched out.

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