Kickstarter Games: Colorino, the Colorful, Mobile Puzzle Game

A lovely mobile puzzle game, Colorino is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter Games.

With the huge amount of games on Kickstarter, it can be difficult to check through them all and find the games that have fallen through the cracks. What if the next great Kickstarter project can't get funded because people don't know it exists? 

If you're looking for a great game to Kickstart, look no further than Colorino, a sleek, color-driven puzzler from a multi-national team. Their Kickstarter began earlier this week and will continue for a month, so there's still time to help them reach their goal.

Colorino has a fairly simple mechanic that operates off rotating colored blocks so that their colors match, causing the blocks to combine and disappear. With objective-based levels that push you to eliminate a certain color or reach certain scores, the game is designed to continue challenging you. They've also managed to keep in theme, with enemy types like "the Huemiliator." 

The Kickstarter rewards for Colorino are super fascinating, and include t-shirts and the Colorino cubes:

The game, if successfully funded, has a March/April 2014 release date. It has a sleek, well designed appearance, and you can get in on the beta for just $10 AUD. Overall it's a fascinating product, and you should definitely take a moment to check out their Kickstarter page and official website

Published Jan. 23rd 2014
  • AlexProbst
    Hey! great article Amanda, thanks for the feature. Hope people like the project/game !

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