Rise of Mythos: Where Generic and Uninspired Meet

You couldn't pay me to play this game any further.

Rise of Mythos is an online trading card game. The concept is simple: take the combat and graphics of a JRPG and mix it with a trading card video game with both single-player and multiplayer functions. The execution is so painfully boring, I'm yawning while typing this out.

Hey, Isn't That...

When I first went on to the GameFuse site to sign up for an account for Rise of Mythos, I was greeted by some busty anime babes that screamed "we're going to be sued later on for artwork plagiarism."

The art in the actual game itself looks either like rejected Yu-Gi-Oh! cards or like they're heavily "inspired" by other games. For example, one of the AI opponents I went against looked like a Goblin Rogue from World of Warcraft and my archer looked like Katarina from League of Legends with elf ears and a bow.

Our Goblin's nose is longer!

The potential art theft is not the only crime this game commits: it also comes with a cash shop.

Get Away From My Wallet!

Very few games are truly free-to-play, so, one would expect there to be a cash shop for this game. It's just that it's very blatant in its attempt to grab your cash.

On the website, there are a few navigation options to take you to various pages, and the first one is the option to Buy Gold. Throughout the game, you will run into various items that will need to be purchased with gold.

There are card packs you can buy in-game with gold. You can buy card packs with in-game currency, too, but it takes longer to accrue said currency. Not only that, but certain card packs are restricted only to those who are higher level VIPs which you reach through spending money on the game over time. These packs seem to be one of the few ways, if not the only way, to get truly good cards.

Not only do you get access to better cards when you spend real money, but you also earn more in-game money every day, too. You can also buy certain items that you have to destroy cards to get randomly to get.

Simply put, this game is pay-to-win.

The game is not completely irredeemable, however. The idea behind the combat system is interesting. It was neat to see my cards come to life as sprites and fight on a small grid-based battlefield.

That was the only good thing about the game itself. The cards all seem to be variations of the same few types with abilities thrown in here and there depending on the rank and rarity. Nothing seemed to stand out as particularly original or interesting.

Another terrible thing about this game is its music. The way it's mixed makes it hard to ignore, but it is so repetitive that it just starts to grate on your nerves after a while.

Return to Middle School

As you play the game, a little chat in the bottom left corner is almost constantly going. It seems to be filled with 12-year-olds and people who are pretending to be 12-year-olds to make the previously mentioned 12-year-olds get mad.

While I was playing the game to review it, a 2 hour long argument went on between about the same three or four users about whether someone was a girl or a boy. It was like I had been transported back to the year 2000 and thrown into a Yahoo! IM chatroom. It was horrible.

Final Words

If you were to ask me, "should I try out Rise of Mythos?" I would respond with a hearty "hell naw." If you want to play a card game, play Magic: the Gathering or Hearthstone. Avoid this game unless you want to play to see just how many cards resemble characters from other games.

Our Rating
You couldn't pay me to play this game any further.

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Published Sep. 3rd 2013
  • flo_6921
    ......The idea behind the combat system is interesting. It was neat to see my cards come to life as sprites and fight on a small grid-based battlefield.

    That was the only good thing about the game itself......

    Three sentences out of the whole article to "discuss" the "only good thing about the game" which is coincidentally it's gameplay?

    Unique dimension of CCG strategy involving positioning, formations, modifiers like movement speed and attack range is what an objective reporter would be talking about, not sprites moving in a grid.
  • bear_7097
    Wow seriously? This is a review of a ccg? Have you ever played a tabletop ccg/tcg game before? You can play them for free, but if you want new cards you pay for packs. They are merely mimicking how the actual tabletop games are played. Your "review" makes you sound as if you're one of those "I'm playing it on a computer so I deserve everything" people. Furthermore, the term "pay-2-win" is ridiculous. The developers deserve something for making and maintaining(which is the most expensive part of any video game) this game. You're only able to play for free because other players feel that the developers have earned their money.
  • Blargle
    I've been playing around with RoM(I'm certainly not giving them a single penny) and from what I've seen and heard the only way to get an almost guaranteed good card is to spend several hundred dollars just so you can buy the best packs. The game is a complete ripoff, it's a grind beyond grinds, and I would doubt your credit cards security if you used it to buy from them. The only good part is that it's not to hard to spam the field with free cards and beat the people that payed $500+, but if you do that expect to experience some fine whine eventually(and without end).
  • Mawchy
    Generally the artwork for games like this sort of blur together... World of Warcraft didn't invent a style, and they even may have plagiarized a lot of their own artwork, League of legends artwork and graphics... uhh... I don't think anything needs to be said about deviantart tier artwork, which isn't to say the graphics are outstanding, but they aren't particularly bad

    As for the differences between cards... get to level 20 and you'll be surprised, you can even see all of the cards available in the guide section, and the game is still being added too, also. It has only been around for about six months, so by comparison to other games with similar budgets it's growing at around the same rate

    This game can be pay to win, but I've reached level 25 in just a few days without spending anything, I seem to be winning just fine at about 70% win rate in pvp, I also have about 10% of the cards already...

    This game may predate scrolls, in a way, neither game invented this type of game, not even magic was the original

    Uncensored chat rooms are generally terrible, it took me a while but I actually found a relatively good clan, and usually the best thing about multiplayer games is the multiplayer.

    I'd probably rate it 3/5 with a potential 4/5 if/when they add content that is for 30-40+ players, as it seems I've sort of reached the end game in terms of cards, and almost everything else available is grind-tastic. I'll probably quit once I get bored of the combat, but I think it'll last me another week or two.
    Again, I'd rate it as a game at 3/5, but also considering it's a flash game and development speed... for the category of flash games I think it deserves maybe a little more credit
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    I personally couldn't get into it. I'll redact my statement of avoiding this game as it seems quite a few people like it.

    That being said, I stand by my personal score of it. There was very little I found enjoyable about it. Maybe if I put 40+ more hours into it, I would've liked it, but I didn't enjoy it enough to want to do that.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. As Amy had said to a few of the previous posters, if you want, you should write a review of it yourself. You've pretty much got one written up as is. If you think the game deserves more credit, write up a review and let some people know.
  • Mawchy
    I'm generally too critical of what I write to submit it to things like that, and it was more like... 2 hours a day, for 3 days
    I'd also be conflicted on the overall rating too though, I'm not sure if the community should be a factor in rating a game because it isn't gameplay, and it might be difficult for game creators to create a good community
  • Noeat
    I must say - its one of best CCG. singleplayer quests, PvP, multiplayer instances, daily quests, events with good prizes, u dont need spend any money and u can have fun with playing. u can play "sealed" - its something like MTG draft (u just open 12 packs and create deck from that) its pure random.. or equalizer, where all have the same cards and u create deck from that. when u dont spend real money, u must spend more time its only on u. im 36 lvl Mage and i dont spend any money to this game, but i still can win pvp and my deck is good for pve. btw: if u see a goblin rogue from wow - i think u must be blind :) i play wow for few years, i think i know how goblin rogue looks :) ..nevermind.. its not about look, but about strategy - and nice look is only bonus. :) i can say - try it, its funny, interresting strategy game and u dont need pay 2 win! :) ..and srry for my bad english - but i hope u can catch that :)
  • Shyriu_8321
    I couldn't agree more with Critiquing you're so called "review" is basicly based on sprite plagiarism i see virtually no real review on gameplay... Sure you can see alot of 12yr olds but aren't most MMO's filled with kids? It is a game afterall.
    And you can't judge an entire player based from what 1-2 day game experience? Try to actually play the game PvP/Dungeons join a guild do activities with them, instead of slamming the door on this game from the get go.

    And your comparison Magic the gathering and Hearthstone to this browser game is insane.
    The Pay2Win factor is a lie since there are plently of good players who havent spent a dime on the game and have decent cards, its all very luck based rather then buying you're way to victory. You actually need to strategize in battles, since there are many decks that counter eachother.

    Overall the game is a good time killer if you're into CCG's go ahead and give it a try, maybe its right up your alley maybe its not, don't base your opinion on this "poor review", play it test out every feature the game has to offer then make your judgements...
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Hi Shyriu - you make some solid arguments, I hope you'll review Rise of Mythos too so we can show a balanced range of opinions. It's easy to do, just click the pencil in the top right, and select "Review" from categories.

    Thanks for weighing in, and let me know if you have any questions!
  • Critiquing Critiquer
    It seems your review is based on artwork plagiarism and the fact that there's a cash shop. Also your opinion seems to be weighed by the fact that the player-base consists of mostly teenagers.Not only that, but you even state the fact that the cash shop is sticking out and not tucked away somewhere brought your score even lower.

    Card packs are one of the worst ways to get the best cards, have you heard of the auction house?

    I recommend you actually play the game, not just give it a test run for a day or two. Absolutely no mention of the redeeming features of the game, which include the Auction House, and the PvP.

    This isn't a review. I don't even know what to call it.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Good critique! It sounds like you have a solid amount of experience with RoM, and you certainly have a differing opinion from the original reviewer.

    Why not leave your own review for Rise of Mythos? We always like to feature a balanced range of player experiences. To get started click the pencil icon in the upper right.

    Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    "Unless you want to play to see just how many cards resemble characters from other games."

    So what you're saying is that Rise of Mythos is potentially an excellent drinking game? Because that was my takeaway.
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    I have a hard time calling anything you can inadvertantly spend actual money on a good drinking game.

    Could be fun if you pointedly keep your credit cards in another room the whole time.
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    Actually, that grid-based system looks very similar to Scrolls. In case we needed more comparisons between this and other games.
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    I know nothing about Scrolls. So, then there is nothing original about this game. How sad.

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