Pokemon Announces Pikachu Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Float

A Pikachu balloon may be floating your way soon

So are you guys ready for turkey? How about "are you ready to gorge yourself while seeing wild Pokemon on the loose? Pikachu will be featured on a balloon in this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and he'll be chasing after a PokeBall. He's the cute and cuddly dynamite Electric-type Pokemon with the ability to store electricity in its cheeks. Pikachu will show Parade spectators just how electrifying he is, as his cheeks will light up along the Parade route. Pikachu is tower of power that will stand 53.5 feet high, 36.9 feet wide, 40.8 feet long, and be filled with 15,000 cubic feet of helium. That's crazy big. Celebrating the 18th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, Pikachu is the most recognizable of Pokemon characters.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will debut on NBC at 9:00 AM EST during (you guessed it) Thanksgiving Day. 

I'm going to be playing more of my favorite game of all time: The Binding of Isaac - Rebirth. What are your plans for turkey day? 


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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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