Bloodborne Has a 2.69GB Launch Day Patch

Are you ready to play Bloodborne tomorrow? Not so fast - you're going to need a launch day patch, first.

Tomorrow sees the launch of From Software's highly-anticipated game Bloodborne - and a launch day patch for the game that you'll want to be sure to download.

Those that have chosen to download the game and have preloaded it on their PlayStation 4 can already access the patch, but if you have reserved a physical copy of the game, you'll have to wait until tomorrow, March 24th if you're a North American user - March 27th if you're in the United Kingdom.

 This patch will update the game to version 1.01 and will fix several bugs and improve the game's overall performance, as well as make minor changes to the names of a few areas and items. It will allow for online play and give players the choice to play online or offline at the start of the game (though online play won't be available until the servers go live tomorrow). Users will also have a choice between displaying their character name or online name when they play online.

Also included in this update will be the Chalice Dungeons feature.

Did you pre-order Bloodborne? Give us your first impressions of the game in the comments below!


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Published Mar. 23rd 2015

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