Resident Evil HD Price and Date Revealed

Capcom has revealed the pricing and release date of Resident Evil HD.

Capcom revealed both the release date and the price of the upcoming Resident Evil HD remake on Thursday, and both are a pleasant surprise for those waiting to pick up the game.

Resident Evil HD will be released on January 20th, just a month and a half from now, at the price point of $19.99. It's only available as a digital release and will be published on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.

Features inside Resident Evil HD

The HD update is a remake of another remake that was released on GameCube back in 2002. Essentially, it's taking that copy of the game and boosting it with 1080p resolution on the new consoles and PC and 720p on last gen consoles. There's an option to play the game with the standard controls or an updated, more natural scheme. Players can play it in full widescreen or in the original 4:3 ratio on the GCN.

Not having Resident Evil HD available on Wii U is interesting. Considering it is a remake based off of the GameCube edition, you would think Capcom would have it there as well. Instead, it's available everywhere else but that console. At least the game is priced correctly.

What are your thoughts on the price, release date, and availability of Resident Evil HD?

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Published Dec. 4th 2014
  • topher339
    Twenty bucks is definitely a fair price. I'll be sure to grab it. However, I do wish it would have been available before Christmas. Not too big of a deal though. I'm glad that they have a updated control scheme. I tried playing the fourth on my 360 and it just feels so... wrong. Hopefully this will be much better.

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