Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Top Funny Glitches

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Here in this Shadow Of Mordor major camera glitch, you can easily see how this would become an issue. I'm glad to say this is not one I have personally encountered.


This is a funny Shadow of Mordor glitch I'm sorry. It is pretty common from what I'm hearing from some players when trying to get off of riding the Caragors.

This particular Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor glitch--entitled "Skybox Falling" by the player, occurred during his combat. Have any of you stumbled on this one yet?

I must say this Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor glitch is interesting and beneficial. It's entitled by the player: "Warchief Mogg Glitch and a Humiliating Death for Kaka the Proud."

Kaka the Proud is getting fed to ghouls which is awesome, since those guys are nasty and are a pain for Talion. The Warchief Mogg looks like he's bounced off some trampoline or something.

Here you'll see some various Shadow of Mordor Orc glitches, so enjoy.

This is another look at the Shadow of Mordor glitch related to dismounting from riding a Caragor.

This player has called this one a "Game breaking glitch" in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. As you'll see, Talion cannot move forward to take on this Archer. That could cause some problems if it continued.

Walking sideways cannot be fun and will definitely cause issues. This Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor glitch is one I hope that I don't encounter and that gets resolved.

What glitches, aside from these, have you stumbled across during your gameplay? I'd definitely love to know about it.

Published Oct. 2nd 2014

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