EA Sports FIFA World Introduces New Gameplay Engine

EA Sports recently announced their popular free-to-play PC football game FIFA World is getting a new game engine. The developers are also adding popular ideas used in earlier FIFA titles to add to the entertainment value and fun of playing this soccer game.

EA Sports recently announced a new gameplay engine for their popular and fun-to-play free PC football video game FIFA World. EA Sports hopes this update enhances the experience and entertainment value of playing virtual soccer for computer gamers. The developers have added popular ideas used in earlier FIFA titles in this update, like Attacking Intelligence, Complete Dribbling, First Touch Control and Tactical Free Kicks. You can down load the game for free here, along with the update.http://d239jcm0llxqho.cloudfront.net/static/5.7.1/images/success.jpg

“The new engine gives fans an even better, more realistic football experience while still keeping the game fun and accessible for fans around the world.” said Line Producer Alex Grimbley. ”And it all comes only six weeks after our New Season update, where we gave fans the ability to keep and use players from earlier seasons in their current FIFA Ultimate Team squads, allowing fans even more possibilities when building their teams.” 

EA Sports FIFA World looks brand new, with a modern looking interface and better visuals, after updating the game for free. The update also adds over a thousand new football animations to the game presentation, which makes watching the games even more fun. The best part is gamers can play FIFA World in ten different languages and you don't need a high-end laptop or desktop PC to play this free video game.  

EA Sports free football video game FIFA World has hosted over 50 million soccer matches in more than 180 countries during their Open Beta. If you love playing and watching football and have dreamed of taking an international club to the championship. Check out this fun and enjoyable free-to-play football video game for the PC and experience the thrill. 


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Published Nov. 7th 2014

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