Until Dawn Release Date Leaked?

PS4 exclusive Until Dawn may have gotten its release date leaked by Amazon!

As leaks continue to become customary, Amazon Germany, along with several other German retailers, have seemingly listed the release date for the PS4 exclusive, Until Dawn.

Back in March, Amazon.de listed Until Dawn with a release date of June 24th. This seems pretty much in line with when everyone assumed the game would come out.

Until Dawn is to be Sony's 3rd of 4 AAA PS4 exclusives for 2015, preceded by The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne, followed by Uncharted 4, which was delayed to 2016 just last month. This means that Sony's last AAA exclusive of 2015 is coming in June, leaving the other half of the year open/empty. Fans are anxiously awaiting E3 to see if that gap gets filled by a yet-unknown game.

On a side note, shouldn't a choose-your-own-adventure horror game be released around Halloween? Seems like a no-brainer.

Are you excited for Until Dawn? Do you think June 24th is the official release date? Let us know in the comments!


Published Apr. 7th 2015

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