Assist Xbox Live Community for Experience and Loot

Being nice might, for once, be more useful than scoring headshots.

A new Xbox Live program called Xbox Community Level will, starting today, reward players for helping the community.

In order to adequately track participation to the Xbox Live community, the new feature will refer to both the currently existing Xbox Community Ambassadors program, wherein members answer support questions for Xbox Live, and the new Xbox Enforcement United beta, which has participants monitor Xbox Live Code of Conduct violations regularly. 

If a player makes positive contributions to the community via Xbox Community Ambassadors or Enforcement United, they will gain experience points and tenure, and eventually level up. As they gain levels, players will also receive prizes such as clothes for their avatars, shoutouts on the official Microsoft Twitter page and Xbox Live website, and even games on Xbox Live Arcade.

Bobby Lamirande, the program owner for Xbox Community Level, is optimistic about how the program will affect Xbox Live as a whole:

"Leveling up in our program today might mean that you're a stellar Ambassador or a solid member [of the] Enforcement United beta program, or that you're a contributor to both. In the future, leveling up might mean providing feedback that helps us improve our services, [providing] expertise in Xbox products, or even creating game guides and helpful content in the forums."

"Ultimately, we imagine your Community Level becoming as integral to your Xbox Live identity as your Gamerscore, tenure, and reputation."

For additional details on the Xbox Community Level initiative, check out the website.

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Published Aug. 1st 2013

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