Exciting Features for Mario vs. Donkey Kong: A Whole New World or Natural Progression?

Will adding social media-like features make Mario vs. Donkey Kong stand out in 2015?

How do you make another Mario vs. Donkey Kong game exciting?

Add the technology of the Wii U controller with interactive online capabilities and you've got a new way to play a puzzle game.

Players can use the Wii U controller to draw bridges or make escalators so that the Minis, toy versions of Nintendo characters, can complete the level. The touch screen technology is ideal for intuitive adjustments that have to be enacted fairly quickly.

Not only can you navigate the puzzle levels by actively changing the environment of the game, but you can also create levels that other people can play. People online can also rate the new level by tipping the creator of the level with stars. Stars can also be used to unlock new level creation tools, for more complex levels.

While Mario Maker will draw in audiences ready to manipulate the classic Mario levels, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is looking to fully integrate an interactive puzzle game.

Due to release some time in 2015, Mario vs. Donkey Kong isn't looking like a big game for next year. But at least Nintendo is finally using the Wii U GamePad controller, with this game and others shown at E3, to its fullest capabilities.   


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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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