8 of the most awesome things we know about World of Warcraft: Legion

8. The Broken Isles continent

Legion is another WoW expansion that introduces a new continent to the game; this time, it’s the Broken Isles. A group of Islands set in the heart of Azeroth, the Broken Isles are the starting point for those first venturing into the Legion (specifically, the area located in the southeast called The Broken Shore).

As well as the Broken Isles, the new continent has five other zones. These include the forgotten druid refuge of Val’Sharah; Stormheim, where players can uncover the origins of the Val’kyr and the Kvaldir;  Azsuna, the resting place for the ghosts of ancient Night Elves and remnants of the blue dragon flight; the Tauren lands of Highmountain; and the ancient Eleven area of Suramar, which is said to be very different from anything WoW has seen before.  

Published Sep. 1st 2015

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