8 of the most awesome things we know about World of Warcraft: Legion

4. Leeroy Jenkins

There will be nine new dungeons in Legion. They have supposedly been designed so as to keep a player’s attention better than the dungeons from Warlords of Draenor.

The dungeons include the Valhalla-inspired levelling area of the Halls of Valor; Lord Ravencroft’s ancestral home, Black Rook Hold; the Demon Hunters starting area and place of Darkness, Vault of the Wardens; Eye of Azshara, where players will deal with the minions and Naga of Queen Azshara; the corrupted Darkheart Thicket at the base of the world tree; Neltharion’s Lair, located in Highmountain and serving as the center of Drogbar Society; Helheim, where players will battle damned spirits of the Kvaldir on a ship that sails through stormy seas; Surmar City, the city of night where the Nightborn rule; and Violet Hold, which will reveal more about Dalaran and the world itself.

Published Sep. 1st 2015

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