Betting in eSports

eSports betting has significantly grown in the competitive scene, so here's what I see for it in the future.

Over the past two years, betting has started to become a pretty big part of eSports. With thousands of fans wagering on their favorite teams in the hopes of winning solid cash, eSports betting is definitely a fun and exciting experience for a fan.

How Does it Work?

An eSports betting site usually has a page where the gambler would be able to see the broadcast of the match, other people who are also betting, and all the bets that are being put on the match. The better then places a bet on which team they think will win. After that they just hope for the best.

How profitable is eSports Betting?

It can actually be very profitable. Depending on what game you're betting in and how much attention the match is getting, you can make some serious money from it. In some cases, if you win in a major match, you can win anywhere from $100- $1,000. With payout like this, it's no wonder why fans are getting so involved.

How it Affects the Pro Players

Unfortunately with all this money on the line, there are some who will go as far as to hacking to get their team to win. In many cases, pro teams have lost matches due to getting hit offline and being forced to forfeit. This has been a major problem in the Call of Duty scene, since their major tournament host Major League Gaming does their event seeding off of online cups, like their 2K series.

Fortunately, not every game suffers from this problem. Bigger games like League of Legends, Dota, Counter Strike and others are able to host almost all their matches on LAN, which allows the players to completely focus on the match ahead of them and allows eSports betting to grow within the scene.

How it Affects the Community

eSports betting has been able to bring a significant amount of money into the eSports scene. It also is able to grow the games' fan bases because of all the money. I’m sure that there are thousands of eSports gamblers who spend more time betting than actually playing the game.

Nevertheless, in the last two years since its birth, it has greatly benefited the fanbases of several games and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Is it worth it?

eSports betting is attracting thousands of fans all over the world and bringing thousands of dollars into the scene every day. This allows fans to feel more involved in the competitive scene and gives them a chance to make some quick cash off of their favorite teams. However, because of the hackers who hit pros offline to determine a match, it really doesn't benefit the pro Call of Duty players who have to suffer for no reason. It's made the online cups less exciting than they should be, which has affected viewership.

I think the idea of eSports betting is great, but it should be something that both the pros and fans should enjoy. Pros shouldn’t have to worry about being hit offline and having to lose an important match over betting. That will wind up hurting the community more than helping it. I think Major League Gaming and Call of Duty, which are suffering the most from this, need to take the same approach that other major games have taken. They should just host all the tournaments in a small private LAN and give all teams a fair chance to win, while still keeping the community happy with betting. I think it is something that is worth keeping because I can only see it growing and expanding to other titles from here.

If you are interested in getting involved in eSports betting, then you can check out these safe sites:

What do you think about eSports betting? Do you think it is something that all competitive games should have access to? Let me know in the comments section below.


I am an eSports writer with over five years of experience. I also have over a decade of experience in Halo. Although most of my knowledge is in Halo, I always try to expand my line of work and cover all areas in eSports.

Published Aug. 23rd 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Betting is a major thing in all sports, active ones or not. Snooker, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Cricket, Tennis... and all the 100s of other sports all have it. So I'm not suprised the eSports betting scene in big.

    What eSports need to do, and fast, is put policies in place for what is and what isn't allowed within the betting. So, if the betting people at all contact the players, the players and betting people (so the companies who do the odds and money and that lot, forgot their name, bookies that's the one) they need to have a hearing or just a conversation with an official whose role it is to stop match fixing.
    And if a player is active in the pro scene they cannot bet. Simple, that helps reduce any corruption.

    Football, Cricket, and American Football (sorry am English so I call them by my the names I'm used to) don't have rules in place which stop bookies talking to players. With the FA (Football Association) there are enquiries left, right, back, forth, and center about all of this. Players were betting on themselves to leave a team, and would then leave the team and double their money. While getting a massive lump sum from the signing deal. And the players team would also bet, to again get double from the singing deal, because the betting. I'm sure something like this has happened in American Football (we really should call it Hand Egg...) Cricket has had matches lost because the bets for that team loosing where so high, so players would bet on themselves and win big.

    I think that's my 99 cents and 2 of my cents so I will stop now. But TL;DR is, put steps in place to stop corruption by not letting bookies talk to players, and not letting players bet on anything within eSports.
  • Zarhaz
    I agree with both of you. My only concern for it in the future is its faith in the CoD scene. I hope that MLG finds a way to keep betting healthy in the scene while adding some more rules. The last thing I want to see is betting leave CoD.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I'm not a fan of betting, but it going is bad for the people who are. eSports really needs 1 association and regulation body, and then MLG, and ESL and all those will be divisions/leagues, like in Football you have the Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga and so on, but in eSports those can be ESL and MLG.

    I dunno... I just think for something like this there needs to be only 1 governing body.
  • C Miguel
    Featured Contributor
    I am not really familliar with competitive CoD. On CS:GO, players enjoy betting with keys and cosmetics (the same as rares in Dota2) without using real money.

    Betting with real money is really pain in the *ss. The future of competitive CoD is alwats depends on its developers. They should create a system that will fit for eSports.

    LoL is made to fit with esport, their developers spend millions to run world championship. Dota2, HotS and Hearthstone too. The future is always in the devs hands.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • C Miguel
    Featured Contributor
    My 2 cents here.

    Betting played a major role to gather/engage gamers to root for their favorite pro team. Dota 2 for example, back in War3 I seldomly watch pro games but things change in TI2 when I bet (root) for Invivtus Gaming.

    It keeps the sport/esport healthy.

    Just like in Boxing, this sport should be really dead by now since the birth of UFC. Its really dirty dirty sport but still a top tier sport because of millions of dollars running through the form of betting.

    Betting is like the oil and eSport should support it. But of course promote discipline at the same time..

    Cheers :)

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