Minecraft: Story Mode Guide -- Episode 1 (Part Two)

The second installment of our Minecraft: Story Mode Guide! Adventure, treachery, excitement, chickens!

Welcome back to our guide to Minecraft: Story Mode! When last we left Jesse, he/she was in quite a pickle! But you're not alone!

Petra to the rescue! Luckily for Jesse, Petra is pretty much a badass, and is more than happy to whack some spiders and zombies on your behalf. Follow her into the cave, listen to what she has to say, and get ready for the first puzzle of the game. None of the dialogue choices you have here are crucial, but as always, remember that they may have an impact on the way the game plays out.

After a little bit of walking and a lot of talking, Petra gives you what you need to make a stone sword, but you have to actually build it yourself.

Veterans of the Minecraft franchise will find this trivially easy. Newcomers probably will too, but if you're struggling, just listen to Petra's advice. Once you've got your new sword in hand, you'll have some more dialogue to listen to, and then you'll find yourself under attack again! Oh no!

Key Decision

We jump!


We fight! 

No matter what you choose here, you're going to end up jumping off the bridge, so just pick whatever you think is best, though bear in mind that Petra will remember your choice (and you don't want to look like a sissy, right?)

As you and Petra (and Reuben if you told him to stay) tumble toward the water, the credits will roll. But you're just getting started! Once you land in the water, the next sequence of conversations will begin and you'll find yourself, instead of enjoying the festivities at Endercon, hanging out in a creepy alley waiting to meet with Petra's contact.

Unfortunately, shady people that lurk in alleys buying wither skulls turn out to not be the most trustworthy of individuals, and Petra ends up getting scammed. You split up to look for the dastardly deceiver, which gives Jesse time to explore the festival. There are a lot of people you can talk to -- Axel, Lukas, Aiden, and a couple others. Eventually you'll mistake someone else for Ivor, the creepy guy, and in the meantime Reuben will go missing (if you told him to run earlier on, this is when he'll turn back up).

Do whatever it takes to get Reuben back (violence is never a bad option) and go about your business.

Keep exploring Endercon. Soon your whole crew will rejoin you and you'll see Ivor entering the convention hall. Unfortunately, you don't have tickets, so you'll need to think of something else. Lucky for you, the usher seems to be afraid of chickens, and there's a whole glass box full of them, setting you up for a perfect distraction. 

Pretty quickly you'll notice the slime block demonstration, and figure out that a slime block will get you up to the glass box. The booth operator (who happens to be the woman you mistook for Ivor earlier -- whoops!) is only giving out slime balls, not slime blocks. Minecraft pros will know that you can make a block out of those balls, but she'll helpfully tell you that even if you don't know.

Even with your four friends, you're one slime ball short of a block, but Lukas is conveniently nearby and is happy to help out. One short puzzle later, you're good to go.

Set up your slime block, break the glass, and enjoy the resulting chaos! Once you're inside, you can follow Ivor into a library below. A switch will reveal a hidden area, but Ivor will catch you and summon a golem. Yikes!

Once you're safe, the crew will decide to get Gabriel to help with the Ivor situation, but you need to decide what to do about Lukas, who was left behind.

Key Decision

I'm going after Lukas myself.

With this option, you'll return to the library and can find Lukas hiding in a treasure chest. You can distract the golem with a potion and escape together, and Lukas will be with you from now on.

Let's get Gabriel together.

This option will let you get to Gabriel before Ivor, but it doesn't appear to change the way events play out. Lukas will join you later, but might be miffed.

Once you've made your decision, things start to get hairy. Stay tuned for our next installment of our Minecraft: Story Mode guide!

Published Oct. 15th 2015

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