The Seven Best Armor Sets in the Final Fantasy Universe

The Mystile Armor

They Mystile armor has only featured in one mainline Final Fantasy title and that was Final Fantasy VII, although it did appear again in Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and the Final Fantasy: Dissidia series.

The Mystile armor has gained quite a following with Final Fantasy VII fans not only because it's one of the strongest in the game next to the Ziedrich armor, but because of its useful status effects, high evasion rate, increased accuracy and when combined with Deathblow, the Curse Ring and other useful items and it allows for Materia combinations like Final Attack and Phoenix, so it becomes very versatile when compared to the Ziedrich which has no Materia slots -- especially when going up against the Ultimate Weapon bosses.

The Mystile is a very powerful armor that would have been featured higher on the list if it was featured in more than just one mainline title.

Published Feb. 9th 2017

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