The Seven Best Armor Sets in the Final Fantasy Universe

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The Ribbon/Super Ribbon

While it doesn't look like much as a line of defence The Ribbon is a long standing accessory and piece of armor in the Final Fantasy series, and is one of if not the most reliable and powerful defensive items in the entire series.

It usually protects the characters against all status effects with the exception of death related status effects such Instant Death or Doom, or in some cases slow and stop as seen in Final Fantasy VII.

The Super Ribbon is an upgraded version of The Ribbon and similarly protects against all status effects and in some games prevents Instant Death.

The Ribbon has also made it on to the Kingdom Hearts series and provides 20% elemental resistance which can be upgraded to 25% with The Grand Ribbon in Kingdom Hearts 2.

What is your favourite Final Fantasy armor set? Do you disagree with any of the picks here? Let us know in the comments below!

Published Feb. 9th 2017

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