League Of Legends: Ranked Games Disabled Update 2/14/2014

League of Legends ranked matches disabled due to Teemo! Riot is fixing lag and disconnect issues as fast as they can.

February, 13 - Due to the ongoing lag and connectivity issues that players are experiencing ranked games are currently disabled.

Over the past week or so I've seen constant complaints of lag while in-game. What's worse is the players that never even connect to the match. These issues cause many problems within ranked matches. Just recently, I participated in a ranked match where four members of my team were all disconnected at the same time. This disconnect resulted in our loss with no loss prevention granted.

Riot has finally recognized this as a problem and disabled the ranked matchmaking in an attempt to solve the issues. The ranked system went down at 15:22 PST and is still down. Riot offers periodic updates to show they're still working on a solution to the problem.

Here's the most recent update Riot gave.

"Update 18:27 PST We have our engineers working with our provider to implement some changes that should resolve our connectivity problems. We will update you with more information as we get it." - Riot NOC

I am glad they're talking the time to fix it. I'm sure we'll have ranked back soon, so keep an eye on the notifications section of the client. Remember it's always Teemo's fault when things break, so take it out on Teemo!

UPDATE: As of approximately 9:00 PST, the ranked matchmaker is reinstated. I played a game with a friend who was one of those hit hard by the lag issues, and he said the lag is gone for him. I didn't notice anymore lag myself, but it wasn't as bad for me as it was for a lot of the others affected. Thanks Riot for the quick fix.

UPDATE 2/14/2014 10PM PST: Riot brought down the Ranked matchmaking again, as the lag issues have resurfaced. RiotSuperfoxman's only information on the situation is that they are investigating the issue.

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Published Feb. 14th 2014
  • Ecto8iologist
    Im in a ranked game right now and its been on the loading screen for around 20 minutes. I just wish that they would fix it or end our game so we can move on and play something else already
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    that, unfortunately means you disconnected while loading and need to reboot the client. That was on your end.

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