1TB PS4 Release Date Announced

Rumors of a PS4 with more storage have come true, and you can get one very soon.

Sony has officially announced a 1 Terabyte PS4 system, set to release in PAL and Europe territories on July 15th.

The new PS4 bundle is being called the "Ultimate Player 1TB Edition." No specs were mentioned for the new system but recent reports suggest it may be lighter and more energy efficient.

Rumors of a PS4 with larger storage were circulating at the start of the month, leading to expectations of an announcement at E3. Such an announcement obviously never came, but Sony revealed the upgrade today via the PlayStation Blog.

No price point was revealed in the blog, but it said to check with local retailers. No release dates for other territories have yet been announced.

Just before E3, Microsoft unveiled a 1TB Xbox One model, which is available now for $399. Microsoft's upgraded hard drive was also rumored shortly before announcement.

Larger console hard drives has been one of the most requested features since the two consoles launched in 2013, despite the fact that the standard issue 500GB hard drives are significantly larger than most PS3 and 360 models. There were many variations in hard drive specs in the previous generation, with the PS3 beginning at 20GB and finalizing with 500GB. If such a dramatic increase incurs this generation, it shouldn't be too long before you hear about 2TB models and higher!

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Published Jun. 23rd 2015

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