Titanfall Pre-Load Now Available: Day One Patch and More!

Hurry to download your Titanfall pre-order today!

Titanfall is now available to pre-load through Origin on PC as of today (March 7th). Origin sent out an email stating pre-loads for PC were now available, since the Xbox One players can not pre-load the game. So if you've pre-ordered Titanfall you are good to go!

Here's to the Future!

The game has received a mixed bag of positive and negative impressions over the past couple of weeks since the beta testing. Many claim that the game is the future of the ever elusive next-gen title that everyone keeps talking about while others have stated that since the game isn't running at 1080p for Xbox One that it's not really stepping up to the plate. This game will definitely find a way to stir up a conversation about what everyone considers the next-gen of gaming. 


Day One Patch for Xbox One Users...

Also in addition to the download being 20GB, there has also been a release of a day one patch for Xbox One users being close to 1GB. Respawn has not released any notes on what the patch might fix but it's something you want to know once you go to download Titanfall for the first time. 

A day one patch is pretty standard in today's game market so it won't be a big deal but let's hope the game's release will go smoothly and we can all enjoy a nice online experience!

Titanfall releases for Xbox One and PC on March 11th in North America and March 14th in Europe. Titanfall for the Xbox 360 releases on March 25th and 28th for North America and Europe by Blue Point Entertainment.

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Published Mar. 7th 2014

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