Turn-Based RPGs in 2021: 14 Games to Look Out For

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Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny

  • Platforms: Switch
  • Release Date: Summer 2021

This is a bit of a weird entry because Disgaea 6 already launched in Japan on January 28, 2021. With that said, Nippon Ichi Software recently released a character trailer to build hype for the game's western launch, while also providing some details for non-Japanese fans.

It's been six years since the last Disgaea game, and in this entry, the plot focuses on a zombie named Zed and his sister Bieko. The sibling's journey through the Netherworld after a God of Destruction threatens their way of life.

Disgaea 6 offers gameplay features that could help ease new players into the long series, just in case you were thinking of starting at the sixth entry. With Auto, Retry, and Replay options for combat, battles can be as easy or as difficult as you want them to be.

Published Feb. 16th 2021

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