Steven Universe "Save The Light" Console RPG Coming This Summer

Cartoon Network has announced a console sequel to Grumpyface's mobile RPG Steven Universe: Attack the Light!

Cartoon Network has recently announced that a sequel to Grumpyface Studios' mobile RPG Steven Universe: Attack the Light, called Steven Universe: Save the Light, will be coming to consoles this summer.

Steven Universe: Attack the Light was a 2015 mobile game based on the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, wherein Steven and the other Crystal Gems made their way across familiar and new landscapes tracking down monsters made of light in a turn-based RPG heavily inspired by Paper Mario. 

The first game was a rare example of both a well-executed licensed game, as well as a mechanically deep mobile game, as it offered a decently lengthy and rather enjoyable adventure for a pittance of a price.

To see some expanded thoughts on the original Attack the Light, click here to read our full review of the game.

Steven Universe: Save the Light promises to be an expanded sequel to the original, with "a customizable battle party (pick your favorite four characters!), 3D environments to explore, and an all new original story co-written directly by (series creator) @rebeccasugar !"

It can also be seen through the few available screen shots that the game will take place, at least in part, in the series's main location of Beach City this time around. Several secondary characters from the series can be seen such as Sadie, Lars, and Ronaldo, and new party members such as Greg and Connie have been added.

The artstyle also appears to have been smoothed out slightly since the original, with a wider assortment of colors and greater conveyance of depth, alongside the removal of visible outlines. 

Several key locations and characters from the show can bee seen in this official screenshot.

No specific platforms or launch date has yet been stated by either Grumpyface or Cartoon Network, but the promise for now is that Steven Universe: Save the Light is planned to come to consoles this summer, and will first have gameplay shown off at PAX East.


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Published Mar. 10th 2017

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