Harmonix Taking Suggestions For Rock Band 4 Setlist

Harmonix lets their fans' voices be heard about what songs they want to play in Rock Band 4.

As you may or may not know, Harmonix has officially announced that they will be releasing Rock Band 4.  With that in mind, there is, of course one question in mind from all those that are anticipating the game.  What songs will we get to play on Rock Band 4?  Well, as it turns out, that may be for us to decide.

For the first time ever, Harmonix is allowing us to suggest what songs we want to appear in Rock Band.  Not only that, but you can submit as many songs as you want.  Whether its "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd or the entire discography of Weird Al Yankovic, you can submit it to Harmonix with hopes of it appearing in the upcoming Rock Band 4 or future DLC.  Of course, there is a disclaimer that not every song will make the cut, but that shouldn't stop anyone from requesting exactly what they want.

For those looking to make requests of their own, you can do so by using the Rockband Song Request form.

Image credit: Harmonix


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Published Mar. 25th 2015

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