It's Team Autobot vs Team Decepticon in Splatoon's newly announced Splatfest

Nintendo and Hasbro join up so players in Splatoon can take sides on their favorite robot allegiance.

I haven't really ever looked into the Transformers series all that much but if I had to choose, I would be on the Autobot side. In fact, that's exactly what you can do now with the upcoming Splatfest! Nintendo has teamed up with Hasbro so that players can choose their favorite robot allegiance and take the fight on which is the more popular in Turf War.

Splatfest will begin on August 28th, at 9PM PT. Once the event begins, players will have a full 24 hours to rack up wins for their side. In other words, you have until August 29th at 9PM PT to get those wins in.

For those in EST, Splatfest begins at midnight. Those in BST, Splatfest begins at 5AM. However, before you start thinking about completely wrecking the other team though, don’t forget to choose which side you’re on in Splatoon and get your free t-shirt (which will unfortunately disappear once Splatfest is over) to represent your team.


Published Aug. 19th 2015

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