Hyrule Warriors 3DS port brings new DLC, characters and a pet system into the mix

Hyrule Warriors Legends is almost here, and players can expect a few new features added to the 3DS version.

With a transfer from the Wii U to the 3DS comes a name change and extra content. Hyrule Warriors Legends has almost arrived.

In Hyrule Warriors Legends, the premise remains the same. What changes are the characters available to the player.

A number of characters join the roster in the 3DS version, such as Linkle, a girl who dual-wields crossbows and lives in a village a flock of cuccos calls home, the Skull Kid from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the pirate leader Tetra and King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, both from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Scott Moffitt, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said that whether you're a new or returning player, Hyrule Warriors Legends has something for you:

“Newcomers will love the exciting action of Hyrule Warriors Legends, but the added features will even appeal to fans playing the game for a second time."

Other features new to the 3DS version include new DLC, as well as a pet system that allows you to raise a fairy that fights along with you. Players can equip fairies with unique abilities that will assist the player in battle, such as healing the player's HP. Abilities can be traded between players via local wireless connectivity.

The game will be playable across all 3DS platforms, though framerate will be reduced if played on an older 3DS model.

The new DLC will be available to owners of the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors this summer.





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Published Mar. 23rd 2016

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