Minecraft Pocket Edition: Pistons Coming in New Update

Pistons, achievements, and mysterious "friendliness"! New update goes into beta for Minecraft Pocket Edition, the Friendly Update!

Mojang has anounced that Minecraft Pocket Edition's newest update has now gone into beta testing. Dubbed the Friendly Update, it will feature many new things for us to enjoy -- including some features we already know about, and a few that will be a fun surprise!

Here's what we know will be included so far:

  • Several different online features, such as achievements, and multiplayer with your friends on Xbox Live.
  • The ability to coat the tips of your arrows with all different sorts of potions using a cauldron
  • Pistons, both sticky and clean. 
  • And several more things!

But there's a lot we don't know, and we can't help but wonder why exactly it is called the "Friendly" update. Could there be a new sort of critter we can make friends with? Perhaps we could find them in the Taigas and Tundras where several things are being added, such as wandering skeletons. Spooky.

If you're a PC player, check out this compilation of seeds for Minecraft 1.9 for some cool maps with easy resources! And if you want to improve your architectural abilities, you can watch this video to help turn your survival huts into proper homes!

Published Jun. 6th 2016

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