Saints Row-Mance Not Dependant on Player Gender

Saints Row allows players to romance companions regardless of gender, the banner of freedom is waved once again.

The official twitter account for the Saints Row franchise (@SaintsRow), recently confirmed that players will not be romantically limited by their choice of gender. The announcement has been greeted with marked enthusiasm, particularly on Tumblr.

A recently released achievement list confirmed the characters available for romancing, which I won't list here as it's fairly spoilerific. Seek it out at your own risk, but if you're a fan of the series and romance, you should be pretty excited by this announcement.

Combined with the unprecedented levels of customization, including pitch sliders for the available voices, and it looks as though the the fourth entry in the series will provide the most intensely immersive roleplaying experience yet.

I certainly know a few other franchises that could stand to learn a thing or two from the Saint's Row franchise in regards to customisation *cough cough Dragon Age cough cough*, and it will be interesting to see what other features are unveiled in the coming weeks. 


Published Jul. 23rd 2013

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