Button Bashers: Arcade Fighter Tabletop Game!

Like Arcade fighters? You'll love this

Remember going to the arcades back in the day? So do we and we sure miss those days. That's why we came up with Button Bashers.

Button Bashers Kickstarter

Button Bashers is an arcade fighter style game where you match cards in your hand with your move list to unleash devistating combos. There are a few "how to play" videos on the Kickstarter page.

We are looking for backers so that we can produce and ship the game right out to your doorstep! We are hopefull that if we get enough support, we can do a few expansions and make the game as intense as we first imagined it.

Our backers can expect to get the game for ~$20. We have plenty of rewards for higher tiers. You can get pop-up images of the character, pre-view cards for the 1st expansion, bonus characters, and even become immortalized into your very own character.

We plan on shipping the games out to all our backers by July!


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Published Jun. 3rd 2014

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