Game guide publishers Prima Games and BradyGames have merged

Since Destiny dropped in September 2014, BradyGames and Prima Games have been working together. Now, the merger is official.

The two most notable video game strategy guide publishers, Prima Games and BradyGames, are now one. Penguin Random House - the larger publishing house behind Prima Games - recently acquired Dorling Kindersley's BradyGames imprint for an undisclosed amount.

This merger has been the subject of little fanfare, but evidence shows it has been in the works for at least nine months. According to an undated post on Prima Games's website, Destiny was the first strategy guide the publishers released together. Polygon broke news of their merger on June 1st.

The reasons for Penguin Random House's acquisition remain unknown. Without immediate evidence of the events and situations that may have driven Dorling Kindersley to sell their imprint, all we can do is speculate as to why these video game publishing giants have combined forces.

For those who are interested, Prima is currently offering a 50% off coupon to those who move their BradyGames accounts to the Prima Games website. 


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Published Jun. 3rd 2015

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