Strangest Places Players Have Found Pokemon in Pokemon GO

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Nintendo's long-awaited Pokemon GO finally started rolling out to mobile devices today. Fans can finally start their path to become a Pokemon Master in their very own neighborhoods.

This augmented reality (AR) app, developed by Niantec, brings Pokemon into the real world. Whether it's crossing the street or laying in bed, Pokemon will pop up around you and its up to you to catch them all! (That is, unless you're one of the unlucky fans still waiting for Pokemon Go to release...)

While the game continues making its way to mobile devices around the world, here are some of the weird places that fans have already found their Pokemon so far.

Between the tortillas and the ravioli

If you touch his Chef Boyardee, this Rattata will attack you. 

Photo by Reddit u/spader33

Sidewalk Stomper

That moment when Rhydon wants to go on a walk but you are only outside to get the mail...

Photo by Reddit u/xaviersi

Designated Driver

This player needs to get in the car to go to work, but Squirtle isn't having it. Just don't let him drive you home from any parties... 

Photo by Reddit u/skyebangbang

Meow, I'm a cat.

Diglett saw how much attention you were giving your cat, so now Diglett is trying to be your cat. 

Photo by Reddit u/ReverseFlazh

Breakfast Pokemon

Would you like your Exeggcute scrambled or over easy?

Photo by Reddit u/rza510

Snakes on a Car

"Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf*ckin' Ekans in my motherf*ckin' car."

-- Not Samuel L. Jackson

 Photo by Reddit u/NexusDivine

My No. 2 favorite Pokemon

When you want to go to the bathroom in peace, but its time to feed your Rattata...

Photo by @DaveOfGrace

Mac N' Weedle

Weedle: "What is this magical creation?"

Pokemon Master: "These are Mac N' Cheetos. You aren't evolved enough to experience this much flavor."

Photo by Reddit u/pm-me-ur-keks

Privacy Please

Squirtle: "Don't you knock? I'm trying to go to the bathroom here!"

Photo by @Hammy_UK

Swipe Right

Is that a Caterpie, or are you just excited to see me?

Photo by @JarrattOng

Published Jul. 6th 2016

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