10 Fighting Games We'd Love to See On the Nintendo Switch

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Last on the list is the not so obscure Skullgirls 2nd Encore. Developed by a team of fighting game fans, Skullgirls is a very forward-thinking title.

At its core, the game plays like a cross-over title, much like the games in the Marvel vs Capcom series. But unlike that series, Skullgirls players have a number of options for matches. Players can elect to use one fighter, a team of two fighters or a team of three fighters for each match, adding a wide variety of match types not typically found in other fighting games. 

The game is also special because it features a cast of nearly all female fighters. Wacky and unique, each character looks as if they were pulled from various eras of animation. And because of all its quirks, it would make too much sense for this game to find its way to the Nintendo Switch. 


Published Nov. 13th 2016

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