Launch Commerce

The goal of Launch Commerce is to provide deals, introductions to innovative products and to connect our millions of readers with products they will use and enjoy.

The business model for online sites is evolving. Digital advertising is strong and vital, but there are other ways to approach monetization. At Launch Media Network we are devoted to finding effective ways to bring our readers the very best news and information as well as assisting with the improvement of their lifestyle.

Launch Commerce has a few guiding principles:

  1. The content must provide value to the reader.
  2. Our products are either unique, uniquely priced, or a we've provided critical context and information on product variations and options.
  3. We're not here to shill anything, ever.
  4. Commerce Content is separate from our reviews.

Why do it this way?

In the evolving world of journalism and online content we have to find innovative ways to build our business. Advertising, sponsorships and native content are one component of our strategy. We're commmited to finding ways that provide the most value to our readers and Launch Commerce is a transparent way for Launch Media Network to participate in the transactions you already engage in around our content.

How it Works

First, links to key retailers around the site use a service called Skimlinks to convert them to affiliate links. These links are created independently of our writers. Launch Media Network may make a commission on these sales.

In addition opportunities to purchase products are presented in our affiliate boxes, that look like this:

You may also see the above product blocks in regular content when we're recommending a product or providing pricing info from Amazon.

We will also have articles clearly marked with a "Commerce" tag that are specifically for this type of content.

Want to tell us about a deal?

Let us know at [email protected]