Gunsport: New 90s-Style Arcade Game Revealed at PAX South

Necrosoft Games revealed a new 90s style arcade game with punk rockers and futuristic volleyball.

Coming in hot from the halls of PAX South is a game that many would think is a relic from 20 years ago. But that's exactly what makes Gunsport unique. This title from Necrosoft Games is a 2-verus-2 volleyball shooter. You play characters who look like punk-rock stars from the future, who hold laser guns as they curve across the net of the opposing team. Behind them are three goal openings arranged vertically with green on top, yellow in the middle, and red tucked right behind the goalie.

Your aim is to get a neon green ball into your opponents' goals for points. The goalie character stays crouched in front of the red goal and can shoot only in limited directions with a fast spread shot that pushes the ball around. Each goalie has a partner that can freely move around, aim, and shoot at a 90-degree arc. And guess what? They can jump too! The first team to snag 60 points wins.

Gunsport is set to release this year when it hits these systems: PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Published Jan. 25th 2015

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