Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Sage's Buried Secrets Statue Puzzle

That pesky block puzzle blocking your way to the next level? Find the solution here.

In Memory 3, while questing with Captain Kidd, you encounter a block puzzle titled "Statue Puzzle." The puzzle involves a wheel with three different colors on it (Red, Blue, and Green) and three corresponding blocks. One of these blocks is held aloft. 

The solution to this puzzle involves spinning the center wheel, as well as using the blocks as you used them to open previous doors in this specific level. They function in most of the same way. When a suspended block is above a blank space (not once with another block there) you can jump on that specific block to drop it. 

For the color blind, there are symbols on the bottom of the block that correspond to the colored blocks. 

To raise a block that is in the wrong location, simply jump on the closest uncolored, raised block. These are found to the left of the left most raised area and right of the rightmost raised area. 

All you have to do to solve the puzzle is match the colored blocks with their corresponding colors.

Did this help? Feel free to ask for more clarification in the comments below. 

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Published Nov. 2nd 2013

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