Lab Zero Games Starts Crowdfund for New Skullgirls Characters

Lab Zero Games starts a crowdfund in order to gather the necessary money to release Squiggly.

During a stream on Twitch.TV, Mike Z. and Peter Bartholow from Lab Zero Games announced that they would be starting a crowd fund in order to gather the cash necessary to release Skullgirls' new character: Squiggly. Starting February 25th, a crowd fund will be set up in order to raise 150k. The money will be going to Squiggly, her story, and her stage. Not only that, but there will be stretch goals for two additional characters.

Lab Zero's plan is to be transparent in this process. They will be providing a full breakdown of what the funds will be going to. Not only that, but in order to keep the funds needed at only $150k, the staff behind Skullgirls is taking a pay cut.

The fact that Lab Zero is taking a pay cut in order to push this DLC through is impressive. Adding to that, the new Skullgirls DLC character will be free on all platforms for her first three months after release. That's right! Free! Even if you haven't contributed to the fund. You totally should, though.

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Published Feb. 25th 2013

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